Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pleasurable beauty*

Pleasurable romantic beauty*

What is it about your charm?
To be enticed, to hold you in my arms
Your beauty is a magnificent treasure
A sculpted body to give the eye its pleasure
Oh goddess Venus with Love so strong
There is music in my heart, such a melodious song

It seems you came from Roman mythology
You were the Greek equivalent of Aphrodite
To rich aristocrats in festivals galore
You make vice to virtue and so much more
Some see you as of lustful desires
To others a romantic flame that sets passion on fire

For whatever it is you have sparked Love in sensuality
And through ages with this, a brilliant light of continuity
Your flame will always be of passions burn
Many that will seek you, their hearts still yearn
Keep those fires burning in many of Loved ones hearts
Like the day you were created, the day that romance starts

Dom*Colucci 2012

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