Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The poet tree*

The poet tree*

The heavens were filled with love this day
Clouds puffy white, blue background not gray
The atmosphere that was fresh, as it always has been
Loaded with purity and clarity, it's oxygen
Everything in nature all in synchronicity and peace
You get the feeling in this calmness, that all has ceased

With this clarity, a rhythm is born without curse
An opening for these vibrations in the Universe
So more love is brought in from this harmony
There is no experiments as it knows of its own chemistry
It starts underground, a foundation of many things
The wonder of its wisdom through the ground it does bring

The seed that started it all, just a plain ordinary shell
Something from a tree's limb, had a journey and fell
But going back to the rhythm, we recall
This little journey that fell, becomes of itself to be so tall
It will be another tree, we shall see
It's rhythm of life, for this is poetry

Dom*Colucci 2012

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