Monday, May 21, 2012

The Love that it brings*

The Love that it brings*

Out of the sky came a gentle wind
A breeze like no other, a beautiful blend
It came down to visit where it could be
Through openings all around, even crevices in the trees
It blew itself under the branches to give a lift
Even pushed itself between rocks that had a rift

It danced all around, twirling like a wheel
Blowing at the tall grasses, covering the field
As this superb gentleness made more of its show
Spectacular movement in being invisible, as it blows
But that is what it did not come here for
Not even with all its force to open many doors

No, it was Mother Nature to watch all things move about
To show how her force is in Love, without a doubt
She wish to see things in a different style
To put happiness in her well being and to give her a smile
She always knows that softness triumphs over all things
With this ease in gentleness, for it is Love that this brings

Dom*Colucci 2012

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