Sunday, April 8, 2012

One day, the title*

One day, the title*

One day has come as the child was conceived
Both parents in making one to become and believe
To put another Loved one in this world
Seeing how this child grows up as life unfurls
Each moment goes on, heart grows warmth
But a turn in reality one day, child conforms

Now an uphill battle has came to this one
Oh wicked life, it seemed Love has gone
Struggle to work against one's heart
That feeling of Love once, gone apart
Because of this a different fate definitely came
No longer in the niche with heart, life not the same

Many a twisted turn, resistance to face
Losing this rhythm of Love in this place
But one day it seemed this was not the way to be
A different look at life, letting go and letting it be
Surrender was what this one's heart could feel
Finally walking away from ignorance and  a wretched wheel

All that was seems never to be again
Right where this one stands, can always feel Love in heart begin
So it matter not how hard life was, as ego did flirt
Nor the hardship to come and the heart that did hurt
This one realized in one moment with this strife
There was never no journey with this, it was all a day in one's life

Dom*Colucci 2012

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