Friday, March 23, 2012

No room for the pain*

No room for the pain*

Remember how we use to care for each other
Seems you took a turn to go to another
But when I found this out my heart shot in pain
It was in so much turmoil and was really a strain
But what you showed me something inside to be strong
My heart is rebuilding from this pain and will remain right where it belongs 

Dom*Colucci 2012


  1. Dear Dom: I think the hurt is an illusion as well as the only truth is when we are now in LOVE. Enjoyed very much...but I can do without the pain in love~:)

  2. so true my Dearest Chiccoreal....when the illusion is eliminated one sees the Truth why they are here and that is Love...Love ya Sweetheart..enjoy and thanks(+)