Thursday, March 8, 2012

Me, change?*

Me, change?*

I seen you from a distance sometime from before
You where lead right to me in such open doors
I have made your life a better place to live
My heart I have offered so much to give
But it feels like something went wrong, feeling so strange
You turn your back on me and ask me to change

Dom*Colucci 2012


  1. When the strong force of our (egoic) nature
    finally fades away
    there comes the day
    that man and woman
    will find each other
    simply living as sister and brother
    It happens gradually
    as a process of aging
    It will produce the relativity
    of living
    in a more holistical way
    It is imbedded in human nature
    as the weak force
    in which we mature
    in the fourth stage
    for sure :)

  2. hmmmm?....then the fourth stage which is the final has already happened...I guess it just is the experience counts instead...thanks my Dearest Mieke...the solar plexus Chokra for months has been on fire and twirling...alignment is seen as well...satori of Kundalini with a strike of balance coming if not already here as well....enjoy Love(+)

  3. My poem reflects the situation am in and spontaneously came up after reading yours :) Lol, action reaction. Starting to live now without words. All the best, xoxo<3

  4. that is great....always silence manifests more in your being and you being to witness your being that manifested you more and more...;)xoxoxo@}--