Monday, March 5, 2012

A little you miss, you are wrong*

A little you miss, you are wrong*

I just met some girl who is really out of sight
She tells me all about her life, it seems alright
But what she does to me as I cannot break apart
Stay around a little longer, she will definitely break my heart
Why is she like this?...I keep hearing this crazy song
As she states that she is, this little miss that I cannot be wrong

Dom*Colucci 2012


  1. people who are too confident that they are not wrong, are sometimes wrong. one has to stick for a while to judge.

    truth is as mysterious as lies.

  2. cocky they are...but that is the path they chosen and it is sad but that is them as well and not me..enjoy my Precious Flower of God's Love(+)

  3. i agree, we should be glad that we are on the right path. what are you doing these days?

    missing those conversations with you when i was more regular on blog. :(

    hope life is going by fabulously.

    lots of love.