Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Building on a mystery*

Building on a mystery*

The heart as traveled, so many years past
Every time it became witness to Love, it did not last
It was growing hardened at times and even where it was placed
No journey outwards to free it from its space
Many this treacherous road for it went through its history
But one day it found its Love, building on a mystery

Dom*Colucci 2012


  1. "building on mystery" as Love needs and "free it from its space" meaningful poem Dom~ thank-you~!

  2. indeed my Dearest Chiccoreal....all throughout the ages the heart was already there but never was able to comprehend the environment so it kept building on its own mystery to find its own true meaning why it was here and that mystery always unraveled as Love...enjoy as well and thanks(+)