Sunday, February 19, 2012

She is within my Soul*

She is within my Soul*

She calls me in silence, the mountain so tall
Entering in the opening but I feel so small
I move onward as my Soul* walks with me
Pressing deeper and deeper for something to see
I get halfway there and then the vision comes True
My Soul*mate is here, as she is within me too

Dom*Colucci 2012


  1. she calls you as you adhere..
    you know she is always near
    she gave you the vision once again
    the hazy mystery of silent emptyness
    in a snowy blanket of deep fullness

  2. you seen the videos correct?....that day the Soul* was talking to me revealing a female in my life that is within me..kind of Kabbalistic to say the least...I had a lot of ZEN* moments I posted on face book that day..still going with them as well...enjoy Love..always enjoy(+)

  3. Yes, seen the videos... Inspiring me with the first part of a poem as a reply to it and your poem hereabove inspired me to make the second part here. So NOW enjoying ZEN* moments with you... heartphones off the hook :)LOL, love always xoxoxo