Monday, November 7, 2011

Evening sun is gone*

Evening sun is gone*

I awaken this morning
The steamy dew emanates
It is structure all around me
Sweetness to the taste in outline
The ground supports this
The ground is the rock of foundation
Nurturing me within
Growth, leaving to the next phase
Ascension pulling me away, away I go
I am a daisy, I kiss the heavens
Keep the light on, it is morning
I awaken this morning*

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. Dear Dom: There is an innocence and purity to this uplifting poem! "I kiss the heavens"; what a wonderful way to display gratitude! Chiccoreal

  2. as this is no desire at all no more and how this is so pure in detaching...reaching, ascending to the heavens where the Soul* belongs...thanks my Dearest chiccoreal....enjoy as well(+)