Saturday, November 19, 2011

Don't hide, don't be shy*

Don't hide, don't be shy*

Don't be like little Jack Horner
Turn around sweetheart, from that sharp corner
I wish to look you right in your eyes
You are beautiful, please don't be shy
Come Lover, we can be alone to confide
Both of us have secrets that do not hide

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. That's a U-turn in the labyrinth
    in my book :)
    Am just trying out a comment here
    to look
    If I am able to
    And yes I still am
    As a Google fan
    So I will plus this poem
    taking me along the path of my next dream...

  2. Do not fail or stumble to
    To take a U Turn is what you do
    There is a blocked wall up ahead you see
    Why keep going there, for you are so free
    Keep on moving the past is gone
    Now have this realization that all is done

    enjoy my Dearest Mieke and thanks as well(+)

  3. Enjoyed dearest Dom :)

    It is not a wall I encounter
    but a new horizon
    my poetic inspiration will never dry out
    and I found a new way to express myself:

    Have mentioned the two links to your poetry logs too...
    Love and Inspiration always!

  4. nice...I do appreciate this and thanks....I am finally resigning my job as it has burned me out after 7 months and to juggle many things in my life it is really not worth the money in doing so...when I looked for a job I was under the assumption of it being a no brainer but this takes skill and you have many peoples applications for health benefits on the line...I am also falling asleep at the computer screen and making too many it is time for me to move on something less than that as someything usually does come along my 2 week notice tomorrow....enjoy my Dearest Mieke and thanks for what you do for me..Love ya(+)

  5. Lots of success in your career as an author and poet.
    You have an enormous talent Dominic. Your poetry is outstanding. I myself could plus every poem here lol

    Hope you will consider to offer your books to foreign publishers like in my country too.

    It would be easier for me to buy them. But hey, first become a great poem in your own country!

    Lots of love and success!