Saturday, September 17, 2011

Open heart with warmth close by*

Open heart with warmth close by*

The Love of my Life, come into my arms
Feel me closer, my heart is your warmth
Hold me tight and never let me go
It is my happiness with you here, this I know
For our Love is like poetry, we have rhythm and motion
Down the river of life with our hearts, opening into the ocean

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. where we melt into the notion
    that our love is never in vain
    The remembrance of abundance will remain

    Then, when the trees will loose
    their leaves
    in their abundance they reveal
    their deep believes

    in becoming one again with their ground
    to be born in another reality
    deeper and more profound.....

  2. WOW!!!!this is a deeper than deep poem i have ever seen you write as it is more and more of a continuance to reach CORE but CORE is revealing itself without revealing itself....beautifully done my Love...thanks(+)

  3. :)
    may be may be
    roses become without thorns
    when they are ready
    for this
    deep bliss............

  4. should have posted this on your other poem lol