Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweetness in my heart*

Sweetness in my heart*

Sweetness of mine, nestled like honey in the flower
Feeling of my heart for yours as Love is the power
So soothing to me is Loving touch
I will Love you this way oh so much
Be forever sweet to me, this is what I look for
My heart will grow deeper for you more and more

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. I feel your sweetness right now
    and will cherish it as I know how
    Love always finds the way
    to perfectly keep us together to stay
    in this beautiful field
    had such a profound vision of
    in a continuous yielding love......

  2. beautiful addition to the poem my Dearest Mieke....miss you...thank you..been very very busy...sorry I have not been around much..we had a hurricane here today...a lot of whipping winds and heavy rain but I believe it is gone Now.....her name was IRENE.....enjoy as well(+)

  3. You are always around me in my heart :)

    Yes, I know about the hurricane, followed the news, had a close watch at Latham weather forecast.
    Held you in my prayers and every one in the area of this hurricane.

    Luckily she did not cause the havoc some predicted for New York...............


  4. thank you for your blessings towards me and my family...we just Now have widespread flooding as many communities are shut right down...I live on the hills of this so really not affected..with Love always(+)

  5. Am very happy you and your family are safe and well.
    I saw the flooding in Vermont on a video of CNN.
    It was really heart breaking.

    We had such a flooding once in my country (1953) with more or less the same devastating effect.
    Since then many engineers worked very hard to prevent such an event happening for the future.

    But nature can be devastating.........
    Yet we all wrestle and emerge again..

  6. I went to Mount Greylock today again after three times and two weeks ago it was foggy as it was today but some of Rt 2 was washed out and they detoured us on a very dusty bumpy road....there is a lot of damage here that I would have never expected,..but when I got to Mount Greylock in Lanesboro Massachusetts it was nice.....enjoy Love(+)