Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Love is never ship wrecked*

Our Love is never ship wrecked*

After what we have been through last night
Our Love was in the balance, with such a fright
When we left the dock, we were never warned
It was of treachery on the seas in a storm
Now we are thrown on the shore, tattered on the beach
You are by my side, it is your heart that is in my reach

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. very, very beautiful. :)

    this is what true love is, and should be.

    i will be very, very, very happy if my poem wins your heart, you can use it anywhere you want. you know you have full right on all my works.

    really happy that finally you found what you were looking for - a full time job. all the best!!!!!!

    lots of love.

  2. you have turned off the comment moderation?

  3. thanks I really Love it a lot that I had tears in my eyes last night reading it and your comments about me...I Love You so much that I know one day I will make a visit to India to see you...then I will be able to really greet you in person...

    I turned it off because people had a hard time until spam comes back I just left the word thingy to enter your comment...I will turn it back on if you wish to get a hold of me with personal matters...

    enjoy always my Love, Golden Lotus of God's Love(+)