Thursday, June 30, 2011

Comfort constantly*

Comfort constantly*

I am not alone, never will it seem
With the comfort you give, it feels like a dream
Your warm glow and with heavenly touch
Always uplifting my heart in our Love so much
To have you in my life, is such a delight
The joy the moments bring us, morning, noon and night

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. Yes I can fully concur with that

    Once made a poem about this
    beautiful poetic guide
    Who seems always there
    making me aware
    of the incredible inspiration we share

    I have made a beautiful 3D world in the form of a butterfly spaceship.The full poem about my poetic guide is in it too. The wings contain many paintings and verses from the Bhagavad Gita accompanied by poems from Uma and me. You recite some of your poems accompanied by my artwork and in the background is ambient music from Mark.

    In future I hope to be able to share it.

  2. we are always on the same plane in our Awakened Consciousness my Dearest Mieke...I Love your addendum to the poem as well....we will always share each others experience as this is what the Soul always wished for and still does...we have only exposed the tip of the iceberg....enjoy as well Love(+)

  3. how very promising to read
    and so very inspiring indeed!

    P.S. Am busy in making a new website for myself again, called

    My intention is to make it a kind of generous gift exchange, like the one I had on wellworld, but then without any spam or viruses.

    Am going to do this with a professional female webmaster, in the hope she can protect me :)