Saturday, April 2, 2011

The temple has life in it*

The temple has life in it*

Sacred path as I walk on dirt
Many of my life, I went through in hurt
But my heart sustained such things of grief
I endured a little longer in my relief
It was the Soul that Loved me through all my trials
It kept whispering in my ear, "I will be with you for many miles"

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. Dear Dom: "The soul" does sustain us; spirit-filled souls are precious and we never run out of this loving energy. Even when, in themost troubling and trying of times we are weak, something, someone, somewhere goads us on to God; a little push, a little nudge. Perhaps you have an angel guiding you through such "dust" or dry times. Those who are closest to the pinnacle of love Supreme can and do expect hardships when the separation from the finite world happens. This is inevitable. We must be soulfully prepared for this; YES! That being said we remember that, so much more is given to us than the sum of all our parts once collected in the Infinity of Unity of Love! Divine Poem! Thank-you!

  2. Love you my Dearest chiccoreal as I have tears of joy in my eyes from this comment you just wrote...yes I see and feel this being within me as it always was with me in my darkest hours that did give me the best push of all..keep moving forward and see what the Soul has in store for me and it is a great life within..enjoy Love(+)

  3. The temple is in you.
    You know it.
    Grief and hurt are outside you.
    You blow them.
    Your Soul and Heart
    They never split.
    Body and mind in accord
    They grow and stem.

  4. a beautiful picture of a rose that has a Soul....thanks my Dearest Shiamala as heart and Soul will never ever split because of their Love for life here and Now...enjoy as well Love(+)