Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Love quotes inspired by Rumi from ~Daily Dom*~

More Love quotes inspired by Rumi from ~Daily Dom*~

All one's life was pursued with one's heart to change from a cocoon to a beautiful Monarch butterfly and it was its Love of life that made that change to be*~Daily Dom*~

To Love unconditional is to fly with the songbirds in the sky with no direction but to be free*~Daily Dom*~

For in the darkened void, the emptiness I feel is being filled with my heart in Love as the moon Now smiles down upon me in such a blissful moment and I am complete*~Daily Dom*~

It is in my heart that expands in the Universe that balance is achieved with the Love that is always its equal unconditionally and both keep expanding even more*~Daily Dom*~

Rose petals will never wilt away, the Soul will nurture this by its Loving heart*~Daily Dom*~

Oh glorious moon of light, my heart grows fonder in Love as this is my passion with my Soul tonight ever so illuminating as well*~Daily Dom*~

I feel the warmth of your heart next to mine as it is the sunshine in my Soul that makes this day so bright*~Daily Dom*~

Not a cloud in the sky as the Soul has opened my eyes to see this Love within me*~Daily Dom*~

The heavens sought rain in abundance as these were the tears of joy for what was right behind them....for it was the openness in splendour from the sunlight above...Brahma creation*~Daily Dom*~

From a darkened shadow came a glimmer of hope as I know Now that it is a nightingale that harmoniously makes my heart Love within with its rhythmic song*~Daily Dom*~

Dom*Colucci 2011

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