Sunday, April 3, 2011

Intimacy with Rumi's inspiration*

Intimacy with Rumi's inspiration*

For a cool breeze wash upon my face as my eyes open and so doth my heart*~Daily Dom*~

For the Love of my rose stems her beauty right to my heart*~Daily Dom*~

I Awaken in intimacy with my Soul as the sun shines happily with the Love for my heart*~Daily Dom*~

A flower is of Love as it smiles with its heart and kisses the sun that does make it happy*~Daily Dom*~

For it is the rose in heart that pushes its thorns outside itself because of the Love that is within it*~Daily Dom*~

The thorns of a rose are revealing that Love conquers pain*~Daily Dom*~

Nothing can ever separate the Love I have for my heart and Soul. This is my matrimony to the Divine*~Daily Dom*~

A rose in the wilderness will show herself vibrantly as to not be sought for no more*~Daily Dom*~

To be intoxicated with the fragrance of life that my Soul doth breathe from its heart in Love*~Daily Dom*

The night waits in anticipation as the darkness has a new corner it turned and illumination of the midnight glow is the smile of the moon in Love*~Daily Dom*~

Dom*Colucci 2011

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