Monday, April 18, 2011

God bless you Soul Bro Tim Douglas,always*

God bless you Soul Bro Tim Douglas,always*

It seems when you come across the road
You meet a person to lighten your load
Now this person is of Love as he plants a seed
But then he gives you GOOD EVERYTHINGS, INDEED
He put a great smile on all he touched
He will be deeply missed by many, so much
For it is fun and a great time you have always been after
He always made you smile,with LIGHT, LOVE AND LAUGHTER
He conversed in a way that made your head spin
I will never forget a man in my heart, Soul Bro Tim(+)

Salty*Zesty Crackers*/Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. Dear Dom: Thank-you Dom! A very lovely and poetic tribute to our friend Tim Howard Douglas! I can hear Tim now as I read his reply; "GOOD EVERYTHING". Tim is AND always WILL BE in our loving hearts. This I know as I feel this deep love personally as well as from so many soulful friends! Much Love always the man who always made me grin a happy smile..yes "INDEED"! God bless Tim and his loving family!

  2. INDEED..he will always have GOOD EVERYTHINGS that he left us to was in his heart in doing so...enjoy Love(+)

  3. thanks for this beautiful tribute to a beautiful person.

    everyone who has come across tim will always remember his huge, loving heart.

  4. thanks my Dearest Golden Lotus of God's Love...yes he had a great big HEART!!!!..and he was of always happiness and joy...sad he has left us with that but he has an imprint in my heart forever...he will be missed(+)