Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drench me with the waterfall of Love*

Drench me with the waterfall of Love*

The feeling of your Love like a waterfall
A stream to my heart, this baptismal wall
Refreshing it is, quenching it does seem
A cool drenching of this, it is more than a dream
Continue in doing this, for my heart pounds more and more
Flowing so freely this Love, that is what it's for

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. We see with our hearts the expanding Truth beyond
    It Is the ripple on the glowing surface of a subtle pond
    It is our love that transcends any emotion and feeling
    Penetrating into the joy of omnipresent eternal Being
    This imaginary place never populated by poppies and bees
    Is the ultimate abode of all SILENCE IN BLISS.

  2. you must have been with me a couple days ago as I gazed at the pond and seen these ripples going into my own subtly to become one with that pond...yes Now I remember you were with me...I seen you smiling at me...you know where I am always as I enjoy this silence in bliss...enjoy Love(+)