Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vibrations to you is my Love*

Vibrations to you is my love*

My lover is so far away from me
I wish the day would come so I may see
This beautiful woman who loves me so dear
So I may hold her in my arms, oh so near
Please love feel my vibration to be so true
I can only say with open heart, that is I Love You

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. hope you two are together forever soon :)

    lots of love.

  2. we will always be together my Dearest Golden Lotus of God's is the Soul that romances its Love for life as it enjoys it always...enjoy as well(+)

  3. Well, as our Uni-Verse
    wishes this Virus
    of Love
    to spread across the globe
    (like the Blue Danube)
    I have no doubt
    we will meet again
    in the Cloud
    on a computer screen

    LOL :)

  4. LOLOL...this is really and I mean really funny....yes we will see each other again soon waltzing like we do always on the computer screen on this website and in perfect balance as well with la la la la dum dum dum dum la la la la la dum dum dum dum...hehehehehh...enjoy Love(+)

  5. Dear Dom: Long distance soul mates unite You have nothing to lose as long as you have this kind of love! Dom, may I bottle you? The love poems are making my heart flutter like two doves in mid-flight! You do know the ways of Romance Dom!

  6. LOLOL...sure you may bottle me up always as it seems I am the Genie in your heart..release me when you feel blue as I will come write a poem saying I Love you...enjoy Love(+)

  7. Dear Lovers od Dom's Love Poetry: Yes I will do this! Blue Genie in a I get three wishes (yes, I know, I'll keep the last wish for making more wishes..of lovin' you!)teehee great fun!

  8. playful indeed Love...enjoy all I write...I Love what I do for that to which Love creates me more and more....enjoy Love(+)