Sunday, February 20, 2011

Together in a fresh relationship*

Together in a fresh relationship*

A fresh breeze comes wafting in the air
I feel your presence as I know you are there
Come closer and closer and we will see
This True Love I give to you from me
For let us make our Love fresh and pure
We will always be together there and that is for sure

Dom*Colucci 2011 


  1. Dear Dom: "Fresh and pure" like light's liquid sunshine! Refresh the Fresh Prince! Renew in every is so new! Always reinventing inself; I think it does refresh itself every moment. This is the creativity in love and the flow keeps coming! Take a moment to refresh now! Love Love Love this Dom!

  2. Thanks my Dearest Love is in balance and balance does grow then it becomes apparent that it is growth of anew to be fresh and refreshed...enjoy Love(+)