Monday, February 7, 2011

Love with a Universal reading*

Love with a Universal reading*

Night has darkened skies
Love arises of heart in one's eyes
To settle down and have a look
We open up together this wonderful book
We have this passion within us to read
The Bhagavad Gita, it seems we need

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. Devoted to Krishna
    I follow my path
    that really is not path
    at all :)

    You always give me a love so true
    I am in love with You
    I trust You with my loving heart
    And You have never been untrue

    I have the Lord Himself as my Lover
    there could never be any Other
    as he fullfils my every need
    What more is there to wish, indeed

    The Lord is my Saviour
    I know of no lack
    I am His forever
    Without any backtrack

    Am grateful for this gift received
    which always keeps me relieved
    from every burden on my soul
    It truly is Him who always makes me feel

    Why should I speak of You
    as if you are the Other
    You are in Me
    As I am in You
    Together we Are
    Through and through

  2. favourite song from my heartphone:


  3. I Love your poem...expresses us being in this bliss together as God sees it as well....I am a very happy man and I am glad I can share my happiness and affection with you as well Love...notice you came on intent...will listen yo youtube Now.....enjoy Love alwasy enjoy(+)