Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love is framed in its he"art"*

Love is framed in its he"art"*

You are radiant beauty, making my heart flip
With a lovely smile and those kissing lips
Golden sunshine emanates from you hair
Lilac in the breeze as it accentuates the air
You are art of Michaelangelo and Da Vinci too
I will always paint a lovely picture of me loving you

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. This IS so very
    cleverly chosen
    Love from the Garden of Eden
    Seen in the artistic eye
    of the loving artist
    Oh my :)

    From that heart
    so many art
    sprouts forth
    How wonderful this is
    Thank You, my Lord

  2. Thanks I figured that Love should be taken in art form as well as it is with the greatest artists that made such beautiful paintings of certain figures..enjoy as well(+)

  3. The picture is credited from yahoo images.