Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hearing us both in hearts pounding aloud*

Hearing us both in hearts pounding aloud*

My heart is throbbing and it skips a beat
Whenever you call me for it is a treat
We entwine with each other and Love all the more
For it is hearts attracting one another, that is what it's for
I hold on in anticipation to hear your voice again
Our Love will never part as we always will begin

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. It seems I cannot live a day without You
    But you know
    Because it is so true
    The Sun, the Moon and the Earth
    cannot do without each other
    They are so connected to one another

    They are the wholy Trinity
    to which we all belong
    And the seasons of Nature
    work within us
    keeping our hearts
    very strong


  2. yes it is True and me as well....hearts get stronger and stronger when we know the proper way of this energy and Love that allows more growth from it always....enjoy Love(+)

  3. Dear Dom: "We always will begin" Love is so fresh! It has a starting point, a firing pin, and then kaboom, we're in love all over again! Inspiring the heart of let's go deeper to the impenetrable desire. Where love finds us home; that's when the communication becomes infinitely intricate and appears like a puff of air in this impossible finite!

  4. like rubbing two sticks to make a flame....both getting closer and closer entwining with such hearts on fire with that passion of desire..POOOOF!!!! is Now magic...enjoy Love(+)