Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beauty stabs me in the heart*

Beauty stabs me in the heart*

For it is her beauty that makes a man drop dead
Her tender Loving heart that makes him arise instead
She is of this beauty always, with simplicity and grace
Warm glow of heart and that smile on her face
A touch of the rose, she is such a beautiful flower
She has her magic spell over me with all her power

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. The magic of Love
    rises above
    any spell
    It is always Yours
    as it is Mine
    as well
    We can mix it in a double
    that can taste as wine
    Passo Doble

  2. Now this is very romantic...I can see us drinking and toasting to our hearts content celebrating each others Love and gazing in each other's eyes in our own little magic spell...enjoy Love(+)

  3. Dear Dom: Romance has a way of being this incredible force of energy. Beauty turns us into lightbeings, floats us in the air with wispy breezes to become one with spirit. I do love this poem. My art prof frowned upon the ideal aspect of "Beauty" as he though it to be superficial in the classical sense of the classic school of art. However, I sense Beauty is not purely of a physical nature but transcends our lowly state of decay.

  4. My Dearest I see beauty that surrounds the person with purity and grace...whether they are of royalty or commoner....they exhibit the aura as this emanates Love from their hearts and the rest of them will glow as well..Love all your comments Love..enjoy as well(+)

  5. Ah, love ... always beautiful to taste it!

  6. The picture is credited from yahoo images.