Friday, January 28, 2011

My eyes are ablaze when I see you*

My eyes are ablaze when I see you*

I gaze into your eyes and see flames burning
My heart is still young with yours, I am learning
Your beauty may have captivated the most
We both come together as I become your host
I entertain your every whim and desires
Now my eyes are set a glow, the Love you made on fire

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. Oh beautiful soul
    with eyes that glow
    you set my heart on fire
    the loving vibrations
    we will know
    will carry us higher and higher

  2. our vibration gets stronger and stronger with each comment I see from you...let the fire melt our desires in our hearts in burning passion for one another...enjoy Love in this great vibration always(+)

  3. :)

    The purpose of a twin soul
    is keeping the other whole
    and then there comes the time
    they will unite forever

    Come to me
    and I will weave
    our love together

    Like a pattern
    that can never
    be broken again

    A beautiful chain
    of diamond rays
    will always remain
    till the end of days

    Living towards this NOW my love xoxoxo

  4. WOW!!!!...I feel so nurtured with Love..thanks you will always be by my side...enjoy as well(+)

    ps transferring poems from this month onto my third book making...see you later..hopefully nurse the MP3 for you...;)xo

  5. Wonderful, am truly longing for the moment I can read them all together :)
    Listing to your voice pronouncing them.

    A double treat lol

  6. The picture is credited from yahoo images.