Friday, January 28, 2011

Love me for me and my heart*

Love me for me and my heart*

If I ever known I was lost, you are there
It is your openness of Love that you do care
I enjoy our company and stay close by
I move with you always and transcend like the skies
My commitment to you forever more
I will always know how much you Love me for

Dom*Colucci 2011


  1. My Love
    I hold you
    Oh so close

    Your tender being
    Is such a comfort to me

    Night and day it seems
    You enter
    in all my dreams

    Your soft and gentle smile
    lingers with me
    All the while


  2. it feels nice and warm being nestled in your arms and cradled with such Love and care...your poems are explosive Love...enjoy as well(+)

  3. The picture is credited from yahoo images.