Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy is the Soul with Love*

Happy is the Soul with Love*

You have brought me this joy in my eyes
It is your heart, that makes me elevated so high
Extend yourself as I Love You so much
I am in seventh heaven with your Loving touch
But I see this Love affair growing ever so great
I am so happy we are together as you are my Soul mate

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. Beautiful eyes one gets from God,
    One gets from their parents,
    From the nature as well.
    As a bell
    Do their ring,
    While looking in hearts open
    With love and compassion
    And happiness that dwells
    In those bottomless wells
    Reflecting the Soul -
    What else?

  2. my Dearest Shiamala...does the Soul look beautiful as the veil is lifted as more sight comes from this inner eye to make these eyes shine...enjoy Love(+)

  3. just splendid, loved this one very much.

    lots of love

  4. when one finds the Soul within one begins to Love more and appreciate all that the Soul has offered that being through ITS entire life with being....enjoy and thanks for liking the poem my Dearest Golden Lotus of God's Love(+)