Sunday, November 7, 2010

True Love in heart*

True Love in heart*

I have sought but one thing in my heart
It is of True Love right from the start
The warmth is the touch that gives me the glow
The feeling of happiness as it allows me to grow
Her Loving aura I feel in every way
To expand on such happiness each and every day

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. This poem is bright
    It glows with happiness
    And inner light.
    It has the warmth of Sun,
    The tenderness of its touch.
    It has the calmness of the Moon,
    With it's balanced energy
    In tune.
    It shows direction
    In which loving aura expands
    This is the ultimate duty
    Of the Pole Star -
    To extend
    The Blooming of the Lotus in the Heart
    From the very start.

  2. we all long for it, blessed people get it, truly blessed people cherish it.

    lots of love.

  3. with that poem my Dearest Shiamala you have touched my heart deeply and immensely very warm as to say start a lit candle in its eternal flame there as well...enjoy and thanks for the poetic gest(+)

  4. so beautifully put my Dearest Golden Lotus of God's Love....thanks for your kindest words(+)