Thursday, November 4, 2010

Aim is True in Love*

Aim is True in Love*

My heart is filled with passion as I am in Love
Soul has bestowed this upon me from God up above 
With more Love in heart I can have this feeling so True
My aim in life with feeling is to always Love you
So we will always be together, this is Love from the start
Always have more Love we see, it comes from both our hearts

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. Lovely, Soul Bro. Enjoyed!

    Am here from Ji's to wish you a Happy Birthday as well as check out your poems.

    I always appreciate the comments you leave on sites and your site has been on my to-do list.

    Many more birthdays to you.


  2. thanks Jamie for your best wishes and support on my blogsite as I have been going back and forth in lot of things in my life I have seem to forgotten many who comment me so I can comment back...I have been actively involved in climbing mountains, 6 in 6 weeks as Mt. Greylock was the biggest so far at 3491 feet above sea level, and taking trails where I live in Upstate N.Y. so please forgive me for not shooting over on your webpage to write a few comments...will try to do so and more in the future...enjoy as well(+)

  3. Your heart fills my heart with passion and love
    And so does mine
    We are entwined
    In energy and spirit,
    This is God,
    Who has bestowed
    This mercy on us from above,
    Or even behind,
    Who minds?
    Since we have our SOUL,
    Which is our supreme goal,
    And true -
    We had it from the start.
    That made us entwined
    In freedom, as well,
    So the story we can tell
    Is about our hearts,
    Which are parcels and parts
    Of what is called LOVE

  4. The Soul is soaring soooooo high my Love....I feel really great as you call it the great guy I am...I feel good weather again possibly tomorrow as I head for another mountain within my grasp...I will continue as this is the mantra str8 ahead....enjoy as well and see you later(+)

  5. Happy deepawali! May light, happiness and wealth shower down on your world and stay.


  6. Happy Deepawali as well my Dearest Golden Lotus of God's Love..enjoy the lights and Love(+)