Friday, October 22, 2010

Heart the shape of Love*

Heart the shape of Love*

The heart a symmetrical wonder here
The both sides beating crystal clear
Vibrations sending out to see more come in
Emanation of great Love time and time again
The wonder of it all to be happy and free
Enjoying all within its scope and feeling to be

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. Thank you Dominic for your heartfelt love poems
    They describe the rhythms
    Vibrating straight into my heart
    I know am not the only one
    You know how to touch them All in One :)

    Love from the Heartphone

  2. you are so welcome my Dearest Mieke...I have been so involved with the Love of my Soul as IT is emanated from me to give it all to everyone in poetic form..thanks as I will email you soon..I have been busy here with taking another test and other things with Mom and sis...enjoy as well and my Love for you is always in my heart as well(+)

  3. simply fabulous.

    lots of love

  4. The heart is the abode
    Of the love of God.
    It is conical in shape,
    Cannot escape
    Being re-filled with love
    Any time there is half
    Or far more of love left.
    Never possible with heart,
    For it is a symmetrical immage.
    Neither with Love,
    For its flow is abundant forever.

  5. Hope everything is going alright
    at your side
    of this Globe

    Here everything is to my heart's content.
    Am at the hobby farm at this moment
    Having inspiration and imagination always at my command

    Loving your poetry as a heavenly present

    Love from the heartphone

  6. Dearest Shiamala,

    It is so great to see you involved
    in these poetic messages

    Your poems are a delight to read
    and always contain a valuable treat

    To me a heart is a house with so many windows
    The view and perspective are always unique

    Yet they all come from this same love that flows
    through us all, being strong or weak

    Love to you from the heartphone

  7. my Dearest Mieke all is going well...sorry I have not written you lately as another venture in my life has come up...I am visiting a friend of mine I use to work with as he has cancer and he loves to see all his friends around him that he once knew from work...I will shoot an email to you soon...enjoy as well(+)

  8. You do not have to be sorry for not writing me dearest Dominic.

    It is me who is reacting to your beautiful poetry from my heart.

    Am praying from my heart for your dear friend that he does not have to suffer pain and is at peace.

    Love from the heartphone

  9. Mieke, such great a comment! I am so happy to communicate with you, even so rarely, even so briefly, but so sencerely...

    You are always deep in my heart and in my mind.

  10. thanks my Dearest Mieke for him as I am balling my eyes out right Now reading this from you as I will do the best I can to see his transition is successful...with lots of Love AUM(+)