Thursday, September 2, 2010

Colourful palette underwater*

Colourful palette underwater*

A walk through the park on this fine day
The trees and pond captivated as they stay
Go to the gazebo, the water in view
It is the koi fish coming by, it is I they knew
Looking for attention  from me to greet
They think I have dinner and something great to eat

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. Dear Dominic, with these two last poems you are entering in the footsteps of a famous Flemish poet by the name of Guido Gezelle. He became such an observer of every tiny thing in nature and made poems about them. If you have time, google his name.

    I recently made an English translation (in my own words) of one of his most wellknown poems about a whirly water beetle and synchronistically was able to make a beautiful picture of it as well:)

    Will post it on my poetry blog.

    Enjoy these great moments of bliss
    as this is life the way it truly IS

    Love and gratitude

  2. Thanks for posting this..I went to the pond yesterday and seen these koi fish like I always do and decided another poem to be made with this morning was a great one to be writing these poems as I made the one before this one by watching these rabbits having fun in the back yard...this is really true bliss to sit here in the shade in the back yard and watch nature co mingle with itself...I hope all is going well and back and forth with facebook and Now intent is on the fritz as it is telling me something about them as to probably quit there as well..enjoy and have a pleasant evening my Dearest Mieke(+)

  3. Guess times they are changing :)

    Nature is also enchanting me
    and am happy to be
    within short in the woods again
    in beautiful germany

    Enjoy your day in a blissful way

    xo xo from the heartphone

  4. I love your comment in this format
    It gets me and says that is that
    You seem so laid back there
    Do not have to be well Aware
    Things get taken care of without haste
    As what you write is always in good taste

    Love to you my Dearest Mieke,