Friday, August 13, 2010

Vision within you is you*

Vision within you is you*

So you have a vision to keep so near
Every moment you see it, it is so clear
It is so photographic you live in this thing
It makes your heart race fast and Soul to sing
You have the vibrations with its contentions
This is the power of attraction in its intentions

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. You are a great photographer, Dom. You have the innate quality pof STOPPING the moment, which is the sense of NOW. This conditions your sucees in anything you do, and in shooting wilderliness, in particular. And sooting yourself within yourself. Without the self. With the Self


  2. my Dearest matter where you are it is here that brings you as this is the strongest laws of attraction one has inside the only thing that is done is to surrender to what is here with you as to say STOP as we discussed..enjoy as well and thanks for liking the poem(+)
    Dom*:)xo--{--@ Love You too