Thursday, July 29, 2010

What is seen is it*

What is seen is it*

Upward seeking nowhere as to be there
Inside and round about as this makes one Aware
To have this crystal ball seeing all around
Sitting in voided space without a sound
The whole is moving relatively here
But who is moving it, me or outside so near

Dom*Colucci* 2010


  1. what a curious poem.
    you make people think!

  2. dearest soulbro,
    its we who do every thing- moving or staying still.

    i just loved that pic you added below your banner.

    those fishes are gorgeous.

    lots of love.


    The Celebrate blogger of runner up award in short stories,

    plus 4 friendship awards for you.

    Trisha voted for you.
    have fun!

  4. thanks Jingle as for myself as well when I write these is not I as it is my Soul that comes blurting out with this as I just am a tool in ITS craft...I will try to make it over and I will thank her as well...Happy Wednesday to ya(+)

  5. Golden Lotus of God's Love..yes it is one of thsoe things with the illusion we are with always...go on a bridge and note the water vuinderneath it as it moves along but before you notice this you get lost with it and Now the bridge is moving and the water is standing still, and thanks for voting for me Love(+)

  6. been in Wildwood New Jersey at the ocean I wrote you on your blogspot that I was going there but you never responded me..remember project sand castle as I made a mandala and a labyrinth instead...enjoy Golden Lotus of God's Love(+)