Saturday, July 24, 2010

This too is for tea as well*

This too is for tea as well*

Tea ceremony to be given to the guests
Come inside the tokonoma and give it a rest
Now to proceed to seating seiza style on the mat
The tea is Now served as an art of which is that
The bowl goes around with generous bows
All seem at ease to be friendly as this is allowed

Dom*Colucci © 2010


  1. very good job in capturing the stillness and grace in Japanese tea ceremony... i love this Dom :)
    I also nominate you for the lovely blog award :)

  2. Thanks Imagina for liking the poem and nominating me as well...please enjoy as well(+)

  3. thanks Jingle for liking the tea ceremony in ZEN...enjoy as well and Happy Monday to ya(+)

  4. I have heard so much about tea ceremony. will love to view one some day.

    lots of love.

  5. WOW...long time no see Love....I was away in Wildwood New Jersey as I left you a message on your last poem..I hope you got it...did not make a sand castle but a mandala and the symblos for ZEN and the Tao...enjoy as well(+)