Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here I*

Here I*

The road has come to a turn within
Inside myself I feel the present again
Walking with myself as I am therefore
There is nothing that I see that is a door
So my openness is my gut feeling well Aware
For I am always going to be here and never there

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. A turn within?

    mmmmmmmmm, that sounds a bit like a labyrinth
    with its u-turn
    here but also there :)
    always bringing you back to the begin
    of your concern
    becoming aware
    that it doesn't matter that much
    sometimes here, sometimes far away
    yet always coming around to stay
    in the center once more
    moving straight ahead for sure :)

  2. My Dearest Mieke...I am so into the center it seems I live so much for it Now as I am there with it and cannot and will not ever budge from it ever again...thanks for the poetic gesture as well...enjoy also(+)

  3. 曹初帆張武茜 确实和也享用

  4. Just fantastic. we should better be always "here" not "there".

    lots of love.

  5. Golden Lotus of God's Love..we can and I mean can never be anywhere else but what God has bestowed upon us and that is to show up in our present reality that is always happening Now....enjoy as well(+)