Saturday, July 24, 2010

Entering the present*

Entering the present*

Immortal Being of Conscious wit
Smarter at present and where you sit
You need not go further than you are here
Living in openness and your vision is clear
See it as being in the hub Now that you are centered
The realm of fixation in alignment you have entered

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. excellent teaching...
    it make one happy and enjoys what one has.

  2. That moment divine
    That moment is really mine
    To live it up to the next one
    And know that it too is done
    In writing these lines to you
    In expressing my admiration, I do

  3. Thanks Jingle for liking the entering the present as we are there always but thought clouds this all the time...enjoy as well(+)

  4. I thank you very much
    As to say it is such
    Happiness and joy and positivity
    To make my life great in this reality
    You make this feeling want to last
    This is the feeling of forgetting the past

    Thanks my dearest Mieke(+)