Friday, June 4, 2010

Straight ahead always*

Straight ahead always*

The minute you were conceived the Soul was in this was being developed the Soul that has already been here was ITS own incarnation as it created all the cells and DNA it needed to make its journey complete there was only one mantra IT knew...this was the one hand clapping sound..and that was to remain silent and move straight ahead as this is always the direction of life..along ITS journey the physical found something that was not in silence as Now this was attracted to being tempted to conform...Now this was a big twist in Soul's energy...Now the energy was being taken away from physical being but did not know why this was possible as it attached the being onto the the Mahayana and Now the process of dying was consuming the being...

But as soon as the being recognized this as this was not the way to be going it turned itself around in positive Awareness and seen IT the Soul awaiting..but along the journey itself found its ignorance or ego and had to go through it to become Enlightened so it formed with IT but some suffering had to come as because the Soul knew about this life always as IT has always been here, IT helped the being to cross over into the land of always was as none will see it with ego....the abstract...but this place was different to see as there was really nothing there to see in concrete material but to explore the Truth to punch more holes in the when this happened the being realized that all the long its Soul was guiding the being to spot IT stood on and that would be the present moment and there were no deviations from that, as Now the Soul was recognized and the being did not need the future no longer as Beauty emerged from both and meshed to form ITS own Personal all time stopped and dropped in the Zero Point Field the focus was just being in that moment...

As Now both meshed as One in the hub of the Great Mahayana move to chase itself round and round, as it seemed the tail was actually chasing the head as the head did not know why it was like was ego or ignorance that did not achieve its balance and the balancing came from breathing as this runs in sync with the Universe to create ITS own Kundalini from the bondages of subconscious living to Consciousness no more belief system was ever needed only just to be...with achieved balance the being with Soul Now walked the middle way as the objective finally moved further and further away from the two as it was ENSO ZEN.... so the Soul was always here and the realization was you with this acknowledgement that made you Enlightened...enjoy always...
Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. Very wise words. though a little tough for me to grasp but will think about them.

    with lots of love.

  2. Golden Lotus of God's is still about moving forward as the Soul wishes you to do..enjoy as well(+)