Monday, May 24, 2010

No matter what it is, go!*

No matter what it is, go!*

Crossroads in front of you
It is so strange do not know what to do
You go left or you go right
It is difficult in your sight
But you just remember what to do instead
To keeping moving as to say straight ahead

Dom*Colucci* 2010


  1. My dearest friend, every crossroad we come across, we make choices about which way to go. These are always the best conscious choices, corresponding to the level of the openness of our awareness. The broader the awareness, the more we appreciate the comsequences of our choices.

    This is a great poem, summerizing a life experience.

    Thanks and sooooo much love.

  2. very intelligently said- when we are standing in crossroad, undecided, this is what we should do.
    lots of love.

  3. My Dearest are every move we make or have made is still the right move..keep the movement forward always..enjoy as well(+)

  4. Golden Lotus of God's Love...thanks for liking the in life we hesitate one moment this knocks alignment from its center as no matter what the situation is this is still the path we take...enjoy as well(+)