Friday, March 12, 2010

Same far away as close up*

Same far away as close up*

The sun comes up and we do separate
Earth and planets with the sun cannot mate
But all are in synch and do just fine
For it is distant they seek and do not mind
The Universe is Now evolving back again
Because it known for years what was known back then

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. Brightly coloured pastels of reflecting prisms communicating to each other in silence gave birth to vibration. Thus, all planets and suns were created.

    Both superior light and continuous dark battle for supremacy. This is decided to live perfectly with harmony that makes togetherness.Light and dark are inseparable and exists at the same time in the same place.

    When the brightly, illuminated rust colour star arises every next day, it does its continuance once more in the NOW.

  2. dearest soulbro,
    Nature knows where it should be. Thats why it dwells in perfect harmony.
    with lots of love.

  3. Shiamala...sounds like you have been reading my Beauty from beyond....I like the analogy from my own blog to poem....enjoy my Love(+)

  4. Golden Lotus of God's is all about synchronicity and how everything is in place with itself always..enjoy my Love(+)