Saturday, February 13, 2010

Freedom to fly around*

Freedom to fly around*

Birds group up and off they go
Round one side of the building
Fly by us but only they know
Swoop down the street and back up again
Doing it once more like they did it then
Is it a race or just for fun?
At the end of the day they know its done

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. Why do they fly
    Why do they come down
    What do they think
    What do they dream
    Wonder if we shall ever know
    What goes in the hearts and minds
    Of all other creatures of God

  2. Golden Lotus of God's Love...I guess it would be that they are all liberated and live freely with no restrictions other than is truly amazing on how the creatures of God can do this...enjoy my Love(+)

  3. dearest soulbro,
    so very true. that is why God is God.
    with lots of love.

  4. Golden Lotus of God's are so correct on this..thanks as well..enjoy my Love(+)