Friday, January 8, 2010

Thinking too loudly*

Thinking too loudly*

The hub of the Truth rides the invisible spoke of the center as the Universe aligns with it and all are Now complete...enjoy*

In the Zero Field I see the Universe empty and accept all that emptied as well as both are satisfied and filled...enjoy*

The volcanous mountain reaches its Kundalini and starts its Satori as it pushes anchors of rock out of its spine...enjoy*

What label will you give something when your mouth is closed? Remain in stillness and enjoy the benefits of quiet as well.enjoy*

Before you make your first step the step has already been made, as to complete the process you can say that the process is done*

Nothing will always be nothing as nothing is nothing and that empty feeling is good as it is double or nothing as nothing is.Zen

Concrete and steel sweating ever higher in one place as it climbs but the daisy sits and watches as it loves with happiness..*

Waterfalls escape the concrete substance it not needs and finds the stream of ocean in the Awareness...enjoy*

Winding down to make origami out of the first half of the Now and sun settles in the fold...enjoy with the crease*

Pine needles jab outside interference as the wind defends itself from the point...stick around*

Dom*Colucci 2009