Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thinking of that*

Thinking of that*

My Intent is if ones finds the center and stays there does one have to stay there or leave it there and find it somewhere else?*

My Intent is if I took a left turn and I was on the right path and was right there with just myself would I be the only one left*

My Intent is if we leave space do we enter the void and if the void is space where do we stay when we have no more void...SUPER8*

Fall crisp brisk air settling in and allowing the dew to give drink to the trees and grass as a touch of moisture is comforting*

My Intent is to watch the sun slowly take its vacation as it heads southward to enjoy and kick back once again...Bye Sun*

My Intent is to wonder why the blue jay yells thief when he does not have pockets,maybe he needs attention as in cried wolf.enjoy*

Man's destiny is owned by man but the Spirit in man has the Infinite as the objective is left far behind never seen again*

Ones own heart has love but when ones love is strong to another, ones Spirit arises and it is life & love Eternal for it is God*

I seen God take the tears of mankind from the earth and then baptize all during a rain storm refreshing the Soul once again*

Dom*Colucci 2010


  1. full of intent memories :) loved them all.

    with lots of love.

  2. golden Lotus of God's Love..yes and I still have at least 12 more pages of them that lasted up until 11December last year and then finally said has become a fist a cuffs atmosphere there Now on some of them..enjoy my love(+)