Sunday, January 3, 2010

It flies when all else dies*

It flies when all else dies*

Cold blustery day as the wind does howl fierce
It is the kind of wind of arrows that it does pierce
Nothing alive is outside but a blowing of the snow around
As the air is very nippy and no one does make a sound
It is like walking through purgatory as if someone had just died
But in the foreground something black is there as it is the last crow that flies

Dom*Colucci 2009


  1. dearest soulbro,
    this is one thing we will never be able to imagine from bengal, but i have seen its hot version (though not deadly hot) in rajasthan.

    i am yet to see the extremes :) desert and snow covered land.

    wid lotza luv

  2. Golden Lotus of God's Love...I got a picture of this after I shoveled that day I wrote about Gift with a Lift as it was sooo cold here and was soo abandoned of life in the street that I said it must be the last crow that flies and low and behold guess who shoows up 10 seconds...the last crow to fly...enjoy my Love(+)
    soulbro* :)

  3. dearest soulbro,
    thats magic :) i dont like crows.. they are very cruel. :(
    i have really, really never liked them much.
    with lots of love.

  4. Golden Lotus of God's I am not but we have an awful lot of them here in Upstate NY and it is revered the most sacred animals in the Native Canadian and American culture as I am French Native Canadian of my grandmother's side of my Mom..enjoy my Love(+)

  5. dearest soulbro,

    we too have a lot of crows, and they are counted as messengers/links with departed souls. still they are cruel and hoarse.

    wanna know my dark secret? though i never hurt an animal/bird but when i fed the squirrels back at home i used to sit with some stones or a stick to scare them. because they are not content with their own food, they prefer scaring other weaker things away. they used to peck the other creatures hence..