Monday, December 28, 2009

Thinking aloud*

Thinking aloud*

One does not cross the line unless the line is drawn but who draws the line becomes the artist of demise and sinks to the line*

Enlightened man thinks with his feet and moves with his heart openly, as Awareness keeps his openess..enjoy with Zen*

The crane stands on one foot only to achieve its balance with the knows where the center of the Universe begins..*

Purity abounds as there is more of nothing than there is of something...flow with clarity and enjoy*

Open hand, empty vessel..the water flows as no beginning no end..just total Zen...enjoy*

Total discipline is nothing at all as stillness has accepted Conscious Awareness and remained peacefully calm...enjoy*

Reach the deep inner being of light one must take a really good "closer" look of the being that is & walk placid in those depths*

Candle is lit thru will.It will not go out if will is still.So be still and the will will always be lit...enjoy*

Two warriors battle it out in Kung-Fu.Only one survives.The essence of the void..Did it remarkably...enjoy*

There is no dark side to the sun, if you ever tried to look for it, you will always see more light,see it follow it.It sees you*

Dom*Colucci 2009


  1. dearest soulbro,
    Happy New Year!!!! Wish you a year full of happiness and sunshine.
    wonderful words as always.
    with lots of love.

  2. Golden Lotus of God's Love...YIPPPPPEEEEE and a HAPPY NEW YTEAR to you my Sweetest Flower of God's Garden...enjoy my Love and I extend my positive vibes, love and prayers from God to keep with your continued happiness and love that you not only give me but many others as well...I LOVE YOU MY DEAREST and enjoy as well(+)