Saturday, December 5, 2009

It was crystal clear*

It was crystal clear*

Tonight, as the sun was heading west
My emotional feelings were passing the test
As contemplating deep in my inner being
The dark void was allowing me a secret seeing
As the pond was becoming of all activity to be shown
The geese and their fledglings had set the tone
As Now my vision has been seen so near
It all came together above reflection as it was crystal clear.

Dom* Colucci
Copyright ©2009 Dominic Colucci

This is a true story poem about how my vibrations were that day I went off contract with the US Government for $94.12 and how it cost the Government more money to scold me than what the product was worth...egos love to find their heads in their asses has a better view for them to think with...


  1. dearest soulbro,
    its a beautiful poetry+story. very beautiful, i loved it back then when you posted it on intent, and i again enjoyed it with more depth.

    with lots of love.

  2. Golden Lotus of God's Love..ahhhh you remembered...enjoy my love(+) :)