Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The mirror dissolves*

The mirror dissolves....ZEN*

I am a palace king with all kinds of jewels
It is in my best wishes to give lighty and not be cruel
For I went into a forest and seen my future behind me
It was me that seen me as Now it was Zen to be
As I was puzzled but left with a premonition
It came forward full circle as seen my condition
It was to leave India and traverse the land
To find the Truth of who I am as I took my stand
I sat in front of a cave for nine years in peace
It has come to past my mind never existed as my desires ceased

Dom*Colucci 2009


  1. dearest soulbro,
    just loved this one :)
    its beautiful.
    with lots of love.

  2. Golden Lotus of God's Love...yes why do we need a mirror in the first place?..the Soul inside has taken care of everything anyways..enjoy my love(+):)