Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Look with a smile always*

Look with a smile always*

I am looking for a pretty smile I can get into
I love sunshine with cheeks as it is in you
The feeling of warmth and great sunny glow
Makes my day spin 180 degrees positive as I already know
My heart is so full of love as I have found this to be true
What more can I say but putting it mildly as I say I LOVE YOU!

Dom*Colucci 2009

poem inspired by Doobie Brothers, Another Park another Sunday..enjoy the youtube as well


  1. Dearest Dom,

    Beautifully Said as someone over here is always smiling for there is so much light filled with warmth and love always beaming for another to give another much to smile for there is nothing better to just smile and shine another!! Therefore I say a smile is a light in the window of the soul, indicating that heart is home!! Love it, Lots of kisses and hugs with lots of love always to you.

  2. WLF~SMILINGS ALWAYS...yep you got it always and was thinking of you when I did this..I think it was after I commented on facebook as I was listening to Doobie Brothers while doing it...enjoy my love(+) :)

  3. :) its truly brimming with love.

    with lots of love.

  4. Golden Lotus of God's Love...I see you sunshine on a brisk morning..beaming and glowing as well....enjoy my love(+):)