Sunday, November 29, 2009

God is my life*

God is my life*

What have I discovered that makes the sun rotate
This fun I have found is happiness within and I celebrate
I wake up each morning and see Angel wings in my Eyes
As this is my Golden Bands of God and never ask why
This starts my day off very positive and pleased as well
It is off to a great start every moment of the Now as I know I could tell

Dom*Colucci 2009


  1. When God explodes within us love comes quickly and brings together, the happiness as a light.
    Great poem Dom!

  2. happiness comes out from within ourselves.. and spreads all around us.

  3. Ana..I just love your style...this is so true....God is all we ever have so why not turn inward and explode with love as you put it...this is a great response...enjoy my love(+):)

  4. Golden Lotus of God's are so correct and with that response it is also to be enjoyable with God as well..I Love God and always will...I feel the cement working in Trust always...enjoy my love(+):)

  5. dearest soulbro,
    i too can feel the cement working wonderfully.
    with lots of love.